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NOTE: Tomorrow’s Health will no longer be billing insurance for our non-COVID-19 testing services. We will require payment at the time of service. We have made this change to our policies with the customer in mind:
  • Saves YOU Money: When we do NOT bill through insurance, it saves significantly in time and money – a savings we will pass on to our customer!
  • No Hidden or Delayed Fees: All of our prices are published, so that you know EXACTLY how much you will need to pay – you will NOT get a bill months from now with EXTRA or DELAYED FEES!
  • Hassle-free: Months later, insurance companies may deny coverage, leaving the patient to dispute the ruling or pay an inflated price. In addition, many labs require up-front payment of an ESTIMATE of patient responsibility; months later, after insurance billing, the patient then receives a final bill for additional payment.
Shunchaki bir marta mostbet uz o’ynang va sizga yoqadi!

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