Our crowdfunding Campaign for Tomorrow’s Health is done.

We are now working with investors and partners to find the best way forward to create what will transform the way you see your own personal healthcare.

Those who are interested in joining us or being a partner in this collaborative effort to revolutionize healthcare and make personalized, preventive medicine a reality, please contact us on our contact page. We are eager to put the best talents and minds together to teach others about full genome sequencing and how they can reap the benefits of having the knowledge of their own DNA in their hands.

An excellent video easily sums up our vision of personalized medicine by Fidelity Investments. They are always looking forward to the future to find the best investments that will impact us in the near future. For all of us, this includes Personalized medicine and full genome sequencing.

If you want to join us in making this vision a reality, then contact us. We will be happy to talk with you about the way forward.

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