What is Direct to Consumer Blood Testing?

direct to consumer testing

What is Direct to Consumer (DTC) Blood Testing? The evolution of direct-to-consumer testing, also known as direct access testing, patient-initiated testing, and consumer-directed testing, has reached a pinnacle as record numbers of consumers are taking control of their own lab testing. Patients in large numbers are adopting a self-service healthcare approach to this personal style […]

Where Can I Get Blood Tests Without Insurance in the Tri Cities?

blood test without insurance in tri cities

In the past, if you needed to or simply wished to get a lab test to evaluate your health, and you did not have insurance, it was almost impossible to do so! Laboratories had policies where if you did not have a doctor’s order and did not have insurance, they would not perform lab testing […]

Can I Order a Lab Test Without a Doctor’s Note?

direct to consumer blood testing without a doctor note

Can I Order a Lab Test Without a Doctor’s Note? Until now, seeing your doctor and getting lab tests ordered has been complicated and expensive, even for simple things like a sore throat or a general health and wellness exam. Healthcare needs to be revolutionized, particularly surrounding lab testing. To give everyone more access to […]

Tomorrow’s Health offers Direct to Consumer Testing in the Tri Cities

We now offer Direct to Consumer testing, including accurate and fast COVID-19 PCR testing. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) laboratory tests  are now available at Tomorrow’s Health. See below some little-known facts about DTC testing: Direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing is also known as patient-ordered lab testing In the state of Washington, it is legal for patients to order their […]