Why Are Influenza and RSV Going Around so Much?

herd immunity leading to rsv and influenza cases

Many people are asking the question: Why are Influenza and RSV going around so much right now? The short answer to the above question is that the world has lost some immunity against Influenza, RSV, and all the other respiratory viruses that circulate every year worldwide. To understand this, we need to know more about […]

The High-Cost, Low-Quality Reality of Healthcare in the United States

no insurance lab test

For many years now, insurance companies have included lab tests as part of their healthcare coverage plans. Unfortunately, for most people this significantly increases their healthcare costs. Tomorrow’s Health has adopted a cash pay model for lab testing. This removes the hassle, saves you money, and most importantly enables higher-quality healthcare! The Beginnings of Healthcare […]

Where Can I Get Walk-In Blood Testing in the Tri-Cities?

Do you have a question about your health that can be answered with a simple blood test? Are you hesitant to take on the medical rat race just to get the desired answer? Rather than wasting time, energy, and money, you can order a walk-in blood test right here in the Tri-Cities whenever it fits […]

Does Insurance Cover Direct-to-Consumer Blood Testing?

does insurance cover direct to consumer blood testing?

Are you curious about your general health, how well your body functions, or if you are at risk for any medical conditions? At the same time, do you anguish at the mere thought of having to take the time and effort to see a doctor to find out the answers? We have a solution for […]

Why is Direct-to-Consumer Testing Good for Your Overall Health?

How Direct-to-Consumer Testing Good for Your Overall Health?

Why is Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Testing Good for Your Overall Health? Have you ever gone to a doctor already knowing or at least suspecting what is making you sick? Did the doctor listen to what you had to say? Did the doctor order the lab tests that you wanted? Unfortunately, for many people, the answers to […]

Where Can I Get Blood Tests Without Insurance in the Tri Cities?

blood test without insurance in tri cities

In the past, if you needed to or simply wished to get a lab test to evaluate your health, and you did not have insurance, it was almost impossible to do so! Laboratories had policies where if you did not have a doctor’s order and did not have insurance, they would not perform lab testing […]

Tomorrow’s Health Welcomes Virtual Health Coach Rebekah Sorensen

virtual health coach rebekah

Tomorrow’s Health Welcomes Virtual Health Coach Rebekah Sorensen Hello! My name is Rebekah Sorensen and I am a certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise. I also have a wonderful husband and a 9 month old son, which I love to watch as he learns and grows (he’s so close to crawling now)! […]

Can I Order a Lab Test Without a Doctor’s Note?

direct to consumer blood testing without a doctor note

Can I Order a Lab Test Without a Doctor’s Note? Until now, seeing your doctor and getting lab tests ordered has been complicated and expensive, even for simple things like a sore throat or a general health and wellness exam. Healthcare needs to be revolutionized, particularly surrounding lab testing. To give everyone more access to […]