Does Insurance Cover Direct-to-Consumer Blood Testing?

Are you curious about your general health, how well your body functions, or if you are at risk for any medical conditions? At the same time, do you anguish at the mere thought of having to take the time and effort to see a doctor to find out the answers? We have a solution for you, direct to consumer blood testing. Here we explain what a direct to consumer blood test is, if it’s covered by insurance, its benefits, and how you get started testing.

What is a Direct to Consumer Blood Test?

A direct to consumer blood test is when an individual orders a blood test without going through a doctor. Another term for this is patient-ordered lab testing; the tests are exactly the same as a medical practitioner would order. Once the test is submitted, the consumer gets the results sent directly back to them.

Now you may be wondering, is this legal? The state of Washington is one of 37 states where residents have the legal right to order their own laboratory tests without prior requirement or sign-off from a medical professional. This gives individuals a slew of medical benefits.
Does Insurance Cover Direct-to-Consumer Blood Testing?

Direct to consumer blood tests are usually not covered by insurance, as blood tests must typically be approved by a doctor and the insurance company policy to get any type of compensation.
However, we want to note that getting a direct to consumer blood test is usually cheaper than going through a doctor and using insurance. How so? When you go through the process of seeing a doctor, you have to fork up a co-pay. For blood testing, you can expect to see your doctor at least twice! Unless your co-pay is remarkably low, it is usually cheaper to get a direct to consumer test of your own. Plus, direct to consumer blood testing facilities are upfront with their pricing. Unlike the insurance system, where there may be hidden fees or delayed billing, you know exactly what and when you will be required to pay.

The Benefits of Direct to Consumer Blood Testing

While most insurances do not cover a direct to consumer blood test, there are many benefits why countless individuals go through with ordering them on their own. The ones we want to mention today are convenience, confidentiality, and increased involvement in self-care.

One of the top benefits of getting a direct to consumer blood test is convenience. We live in a busy world, and scheduling time to fight with the medical system can be extremely taxing.
To get a blood test through your doctor, you will have to go through this vigorous process. First, get an appointment with your doctor (who knows how long you will have to wait to get in). Second, get a referral for the test. Third, get the test scheduled (often in a different location with a different schedule). Fourth, complete the test and then wait for the test results. Finally, schedule another appointment to receive and discuss the results with your doctor. It could take weeks or months to go through this process once, let alone if you need multiple tests or re-testing.

You remove that entire process by ordering a direct to consumer blood test. Most direct to consumer blood test facilities don’t require an appointment or have very short scheduling waits if they do. That means you can schedule at your convenience, rather than manipulating your life to squeeze in an appointment on your lunch break.


Your health is your business. If you desire to get a blood test done and keep it private, you have the right and ability to do so with direct to consumer blood tests. Whether you are investigating an STD, need a drug screening, or are curious about your genetic history or ancestry, you can rest assured that your test results are private. The results will go directly to you, not your doctor or insurance company.

Greater Involvement in Your Heath

Waiting around for doctors and jumping through hoops can be frustrating; it is tempting to wash your hands of the process as soon as it is over with no follow-up. One of the best benefits of getting a direct to consumer blood test is involvement. Consumers who make an effort to get their blood tested are often more invested in the results and how to better their health with their newfound knowledge. We at Tomorrow’s Health want you to take control of your well-being and live your best life. You can start by getting started by getting your blood tested this week!

What Tests are Available for Direct to Consumer Testing?

As a direct consumer, you can access dozens of blood tests. Whether you are looking for an overall health and wellness panel or want to investigate a specific component of your health, you can find a wide variety of available tests. If you would like to get your blood tested, we recommend reviewing our test menu.

Get Direct to Consumer Blood Testing with Tomorrow’s Health

Tomorrow’s Health is here to help individuals take control of their health. Our vision has and always will be to save patients money (by avoiding unnecessary doctor visits), time (waiting for the medical system to process their needs), and hassle (test results report directly to the consumer). As the premium provider of direct to consumer testing in Tri-Cities, WA, we have helped countless residents become more involved with their health.

For more information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us with your questions. To make an appointment, feel free to call at your convenience or stop by for a walk-in blood test.