Phlebotomist – Specimen Processor

Job Category: Medical

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Kennewick WA

1. Perform duties related to specimen processing
a. Collect nasal, oropharyngeal (OP) and nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, pick up and courier patient specimens
b. Perform phlebotomy (venous draws and fingersticks) on patients
c. Register patients, accession specimens and process specimens
d. Process and ship specimens to applicable reference laboratories for testing
e. Email, fax or hand-deliver patient test results

2. Interact with patients and clients where needed to answer questions about specimen collection processing and receiving results

3. Perform all duties in compliance with all Washington State CLIA regulations
a. Ensure training and competency is documented and up-to-date
b. Participate in the Quality Assurance (QA) program
c. Follow all safety and biosafety guidelines
d. Ensure temperatures are checked and other housekeeping duties are performed and documented as required

4. Participate in the inventory management program
a. Notify the supervisor when supplies or reagents are getting low
b. Notify the supervisor if any other issues with supplies or reagents are encountered

1. Required
a. High school diploma or equivalent (e.g., GED)
b. At least one year experience working in a healthcare or laboratory setting
c. Phlebotomy certification in the state of Washington

2. Preferred
a. At least two years experience working in a healthcare or laboratory setting
b. Experience with collecting and processing upper respiratory specimens (e.g., nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, saliva)

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