Sequencing Your Genome

Tomorrow’s Health one of the most essential steps to your healthcare is the sequencing of your entire genome. We will sequence and securely store all of the information it holds. This is not testing for specific markers, but actually sequencing and securely storing all of the information of your genome. We are focused on giving you complete care and insight into all of your genetic markers and believe this can only be done by sequencing your entire genome. Until recently sequencing your entire genetic makeup or genome has been prohibitively expensive.

Every year the cost to sequence your genome has gone down by more than 90%! At the current rate of innovation and scaling it is projected that we will reach the coveted “$1000 genome” in this decade. At Tomorrow’s Health we believe that sequencing your entire genome should be an integral part of your total healthcare. We will make available to all our patients not only the sequencing of their genome but they will receive ongoing genomic and genetic counseling about their sequence and an individualized total wellness plan.

Answers about your Genome

It is the complete set of genetic information for all of us as humans. We have 23 chromosome pairs in our cells nuclei and each chromosome holds our DNA. Human Genomes only vary 0.1% from each other but this is what makes us each unique and different from each other. What is the difference in sequencing a few DNA markers and my entire genome?

Targeted DNA testing, which is becoming more and more available, is focused testing, looking at specific DNA sequences about which research has already been done. This is useful information, but is only a small snapshot of a person’s genetic information. Once research have unveiled information about additional DNA sequences, new tests would have to be purchased. On the other hand, full genome sequencing is a “once in a lifetime” test. As new research comes out identifying more links between DNA sequence and human health, this can simply be applied to your already known sequence.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What is already out there, and how is Tomorrow’s Health different?” open=”no”]There are two main things that are out there right now. First, there are a lot of companies now that provide targeted, specific DNA testing; and there are a few that even provide full genome sequencing. Second, there are many human genetics specialists that will provide genetic counseling for those that have had some DNA testing done. But right now, this testing and counseling is highly specialized and many times, separate. At Tomorrow’s Health, we want to bring DNA testing and everyday health care together. We want to integrate an individual’s full genome sequence with their medical record and create a health care model where your normal doctor can work directly with human genetics specialists to provide a much more personalized experience every time you see your doctor.

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