Why Did We Decide to Become a Cash Pay Laboratory?

tomorrows health cash pay only laboratory

Why Is Tomorrow’s Health a Cash Pay Laboratory? The short answer to the above question is that we (Tomorrow’s Health) wanted to provide a service to our customers that is not only reasonably priced, but is completely (100%) transparent. The decision to not bill through insurance has led to huge savings of time and money […]

Does Insurance Cover Direct-to-Consumer Blood Testing?

does insurance cover direct to consumer blood testing?

Are you curious about your general health, how well your body functions, or if you are at risk for any medical conditions? At the same time, do you anguish at the mere thought of having to take the time and effort to see a doctor to find out the answers? We have a solution for […]

What are the Benefits of Direct-to-Consumer (patient-ordered) Blood Testing?

direct to consumer blood testing

What are the Benefits of DTC (Patient-Ordered) Blood Testing? Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) blood testing is growing exponentially in popularity among consumers. As people choose to take much greater control of their own health care, DTC blood testing fits in well with the do-it-yourself mentality people have toward the medical services delivery system. Consumers, in general, are […]

What is Direct to Consumer Blood Testing?

direct to consumer testing

What is Direct to Consumer (DTC) Blood Testing? The evolution of direct-to-consumer testing, also known as direct access testing, patient-initiated testing, and consumer-directed testing, has reached a pinnacle as record numbers of consumers are taking control of their own lab testing. Patients in large numbers are adopting a self-service healthcare approach to this personal style […]