What Can I Do If My Doctor Refuses to Order Me a Blood Test?

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What Can I Do If My Doctor Refuses to Order Me a Blood Test?

There may be various reasons why a doctor won’t order a blood test for a patient. 

But there could be serious legal consequences if doctors fail to order necessary blood tests. This is especially the case if a lack of a blood test places a patient at risk with a particular disease or illness. 

Why a Doctor May Not Order Blood Tests

Appropriate tests may not be ordered because a doctor who sees a patient with health issues outside of their area of expertise fails to refer the patient to a medical specialist. Additionally, a doctor could note the correct diagnosis as one of several potential diagnoses but then fail to follow through with appropriate testing.  When a patient is handed off from one medical provider to another, the need for appropriate testing can fall through the cracks. 

In a 2006 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined in excess of 300 closed medical malpractice cases that alleged a missed or delayed diagnosis. Researchers in this study discovered that failure to order an appropriate diagnostic test, which took place in 55 percent of cases, was the most common diagnostic error. 

This study reveals evidence for why diagnostic tests are not given to patients. The primary factors that contributed to missed or delayed diagnoses included the following:

  • Failures in judgment  (79 percent)
  • Vigilance or memory  (59 percent)
  • Knowledge  (48 percent)
  • Handoffs  (20 percent)

As these factors contribute to all diagnostic errors and not failure to order tests alone, they should not be viewed as the main reasons why a physician would not order an X-ray, MRI, blood test, CT scan, or other type of diagnostic test. 

There are many situations that a medical practitioner might negligently fail to order a necessary test for a patient. For example, a gynecologist could fail to order a mammogram for a woman who reports breast changes. Also, an internal medicine specialist could neglect to order a PSA test for a man with urinary symptoms. 

Primary care physicians and specialists, as well as emergency room physicians, and other medical practitioners sometimes fail to order appropriate tests. 

Take Control of Your Healthcare – Direct-to-Consumer Tests 

Doing Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) testing is one powerful way you can take ownership of your healthcare. DTC blood tests offer many advantages to patients that include easy access, direct billing, and greater awareness of your health status. 

This is a way to avoid having to go through your primary care doctor in order to acquire a blood test. The physician is completely out of the picture when it comes to DTC blood tests. You, as the patient, can order the necessary blood tests directly from an authorized laboratory. 

Instead of the conventional process that involves a clinician ordering a test for a patient, individuals in Washington State are able to purchase a lab test directly from a digital health or laboratory company online.  Consumers pay for the blood test upfront. 

Additionally, you enjoy strict privacy of your blood tests records when you reach out directly to a lab for your test and test results. Your doctor never has to know about your blood tests. 

Direct to Consumer Tests Offered at Tomorrow’s Health

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) laboratory tests are now available at Tomorrow’s Health.  Because you can order your blood tests directly from Tomorrow’s Health, you will more quickly receive critical information about your health and be able to take charge of your own health care. 

Among the DTC lab tests that we offer at Tomorrow’s Health are:   

  • Covid-19 Individual Test 
  • COVID-19 Genome Sequence (Variant Detection)
  • General Health and Wellness Panel
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) (CPT 80053)
  • Anemia Panel  
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/ Differential
  • COVID-19 Antibody (IgM/IgG)

And we offer many other types of important blood tests at Tomorrow’s Health, as well. If you need a blood test, then we invite you to schedule an appointment today with Tomorrow’s Health so you can enjoy the many benefits of personalized lab testing.

Tomorrow’s Health Provides Cutting Edge Laboratory Testing Capabilities 

Tomorrow’s Health was started in 2013 to fill a need in the Tri-Cities for blood testing, Covid-19 testing, and genome testing. We are very excited to bring this advanced technology to the local area, providing superior diagnostic lab testing that will aid our local healthcare providers in providing life-saving care to all members of our great community!

In response to the current Covid-19 pandemic that is gripping the entire world, Tomorrow’s Health is responding to the call for increased lab capacity by providing Covid-19, Influenza A/B and comprehensive respiratory pathogen testing using state-of-the-art technology.

In company with Covid-19 testing, we offer a wide menu of laboratory tests, including thyroid function, reproductive health, comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, lipid panel, hormone panel, various cancer screenings, and much more!

At Tomorrow’s Health, you don’t need to obtain a referral for blood work. We will also provide you testing at an affordable price. 

The revolution is upon us – let’s carry it out together!

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