Where Can I Get Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Lab Testing in the Tri-Cities Area?

direct to consumer testing near me in tri cities tomorrow's health clinic

direct to consumer testing near me in tri cities tomorrow's health clinic

Where Can I Get Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Lab Testing in the Tri-Cities Area? 

What are Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Lab Tests?

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) lab tests are ordered by the patient directly from a laboratory. In other words, a patient does not need to get a doctor’s authorization to order their own lab testing – thus it is called direct-to-consumer (DTC). In the state of Washington, a patient can order ANY DTC test, including general health and wellness panels, and testing for common diseases like Influenza (Flu), Group A Strep (Strep throat), or COVID-19. 

Why Are Lab Tests So Important?

Over 70% of diagnoses made by doctors are significantly aided by results from lab testing. And one of the best ways to detect health problems in their earliest stages is to monitor lab test results over time to see trends that would possibly indicate decreased health. 

How can ordering your own lab tests and seeing the results yourself be beneficial to you?

  • You know your family history and your current lifestyle and are the person that best knows what kinds of diseases you are more likely to get (e.g., breast cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). 
  • Monitoring your health with frequent lab testing and disease screening can contribute to peace of mind, and detecting disease early – which leads to you living more years and improving your quality of life!
  • Early detection of disease can decrease or eliminate symptoms, vastly improve treatment outcomes, and ultimately lead to a longer and healthier life. 

DTC Lab tests in tri cities near me tomorrows health

Why Should You Consider Ordering DTC Lab Tests?

There are many reasons why you should be interested in ordering DTC lab tests. 

  • Lab testing is often recommended by healthcare providers periodically, as it contributes to an accurate picture of overall wellness. However, many times your doctor may not order the tests you wish to order or as often as you think you should.
  • Ordering your own lab tests allows you to take charge of your own health, digging deeper into health indicators and risk factors than a doctor would. Test results can reveal problems that are symptomless and otherwise undetectable. Having this additional information helps you be more informed about your own health and wellness – it is easier to become involved in decisions regarding your own healthcare on an educated, informed level. 
  • When you order DTC lab tests, you interact with laboratory professionals that provide an additional informative resource to help interpret lab test results.

Do I Have to See My Doctor?

In the past, it was necessary to make an appointment with your doctor to order any lab testing. This meant waiting weeks or months, seeing your general practitioner, and waiting for the tests to be ordered. You then repeat this process with a laboratory – book your appointment, get tested, and wait again for results. Now, with the availability of DTC lab testing, taking charge of your health has never been easier. DTC blood tests are readily available and accessible to all. 

Additionally, many times your insurance will not cover lab testing (even when ordered by your doctor), or you will pay inflated prices if you have not yet met your deductible. You don’t have to go through insurance! A DTC lab test allows you to walk in the door, pay a transparent and reasonable price, get a same-day test result, and walk out with results on the way. If you are looking to simplify the process of getting your lab work done, visit Tomorrow’s Health. We offer the best DTC lab tests in the Tri-Cities area, with quicker and more efficient service than going through a doctor’s office. 

Are DTC Lab Tests Costly?

DTC lab tests are almost always more affordable than ordering testing through a doctor and insurance.

  • You can eliminate a visit to the doctor, saving you time and money
  • At Tomorrow’s Health, we do not bill through insurance. This allows us to save a significant amount of money otherwise used in administrative and insurance billing fees – we pass that savings on to you! The pricing we offer is completely transparent and reasonable – and there are no hidden or delayed fees. Our prices are published, paid at the time of service, and affordable. 

As the best place in the Tri-Cities area to get DTC lab tests, you sit in the driver’s seat of managing your health and wellness by ordering your own tests and getting the results directly. We simplify the process of lab testing, provide a superior customer experience, and educate you with interpretation of your results. Understanding your healthcare has never been easier! 

direct to consumer lab testing near me

Tomorrow’s Health Provides DTC Laboratory Testing Capabilities 

In November 2020, Tomorrow’s health was started to fill a critical need in the Tri-Cities for rapid and accurate COVID-19 testing. Then, in July 2021, we increased our testing menu to include a wide variety of DTC lab tests to evaluate a person’s overall health. 

Whether ordered by a doctor or as direct-to-consumer (DTC), we offer a comprehensive menu of laboratory tests.

Take charge of your health. Come into Tomorrow’s Health today and order your own laboratory test.

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