Where Can I Get Walk-In Blood Testing in the Tri-Cities?

Do you have a question about your health that can be answered with a simple blood test? Are you hesitant to take on the medical rat race just to get the desired answer? Rather than wasting time, energy, and money, you can order a walk-in blood test right here in the Tri-Cities whenever it fits your schedule.

What is a Walk-In Blood Test?tomorrows health walk in blood test providers

A walk-in blood test, also known as patient-ordered lab testing or direct-to-consumer (DTC) blood testing, is when an individual can order their own blood tests. You get to skip the conventional medical process; rather than jumping through hoops to get a doctor to order a blood test for you, you can simply order your own directly from a laboratory. Unfortunately, this is not legal in every state. However, if you are located in Washington, you have the right to order your blood tests.

Where Can I Get a Walk-in Blood Test?

Tomorrow’s Health is a premium provider of walk-in blood tests for the Tri-Cities area in Washington.

Located in Kennewick, we are on the second floor of the Cynergy Centre building on the corner of Union and 27th in Kennewick. Our address is 4309 W 27th Pl, Suite 201, Kennewick, WA.
Our hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Tomorrow’s Health laboratory is providing cutting-edge testing capabilities for our customers. We offer a variety of panels, including those that evaluate general health, men’s health, women’s health, cardiovascular health, thyroid function, diabetes, anemia, and more!

Why would you want to get your blood tested? Your blood holds the secrets of your health. Through testing, you can receive the following benefits.

The Benefits of Walk-In Blood Testswalk in blood test experts tomorrows health

#1: No Wait Time

One of the top benefits of a walk-in blood test is that it is on your schedule. We all understand how frustrating it can be to go through the medical appointment dance. From attempting to book an appointment with a doctor, which can be months out, to having to return to review your results, is downright frustrating. Instead, with a walk-in blood test, you choose the time and date that work for your schedule.

#2: Affordability

Going to the doctor, for many patients, is extremely costly, as the copays to see a doctor, not only for the first visit but also for the follow-up, can be far more expensive than ordering lab testing out of pocket. While some insurance companies will cover blood tests ordered by doctors, those savings get eaten up by copays. Often, consumers save more money simply by taking care of it themselves.

#3: Confidentiality

There are parts of our lives that we want to keep private. For example, sexually transmitted infection (STIs) and drug screenings are sensitive topics you may not want your doctor or insurance company to know about. When you order a blood test through a doctor, they automatically get the results. By ordering a walk-in blood test, your information is kept private. They would only get the results if you chose to share.

#4: Direct Healthcare Involvement

One of our favorite benefits of walk-in blood tests is how involved the consumer becomes with their health. When a patient has to go through blood testing with a doctor, they often become overwhelmed with the scheduling, skip follow-up appointments, or don’t fully understand the results when the doctor hands them over.

When using a walk-in blood test, consumers get the results back quickly. Not only does this allow them the time and space to review the information on their own, but they create a greater connection to their own health. Consumers’ curiosity prompts them to investigate what their test results mean, providing them with a broader knowledge of their body’s internal systems. Additionally, suppose they notice something out of the norm. In that case, they are more likely to reach out to a medical professional to handle the concern rather than “waiting” for it to go away.

walk in blood test providers tomorrows healthTomorrow’s Health Services

Are you ready to reap the benefits of blood testing? You can get started with a walk-in blood test today. We encourage you to review our Test Menu and Testing Brochure for more information on what we can offer you to improve your health knowledge. Got questions? Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We will happily answer any questions you may have.

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